YUHONG IP Translation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter YUHONG IP Translation) was established in August 2014 based on the translation department of YUHONG IP Law Firm (hereinafter YUHONG IP). 
Mr. Dajian WU, the founder of YUHONG IP and one of the first Chinese patent attorneys, over the past 37 years, has witnessed the constant harm that poorly qualified translations of patent documents have done to patent prosecution, litigation, etc. Such being the case, YUHONG IP has always been attaching great importance to our staff’s foreign language skills ever since the establishment of the firm. We require that most of our staff members should know at least one foreign language, and meanwhile we build up a professional in-house translation team which is still growing through regular communication, intensive training courses, and practical experience. In fact, almost all the translation work in YUHONG IP is completed by our in-house translators to ensure the quality of the work. YUHONG IP’s translation team has gradually accumulated abundant translation experience in fields of intellectual property and other related areas of legal services over the years. With the expansion of the translation team and the development of our translation business, YUHONG IP Translation was established in August 2014. 

YUHONG IP Translation adheres to the ideas of diligence, practicability, integrity, and efficiency and proposes the policies of accuracy, professionalism, high quality and efficiency. Our translators have not only solid language skills and extensive experience in translation but also mostly a comprehensive technical background. They are proficient in the structures and syntactic properties of patent documents and possess profound knowledge about the meanings of patent protection, essence and techniques in patent prosecution, litigation and licensing as well as the history and status quo of the patent system. Therefore, they can produce satisfactory translation of patent documents as legal texts and the like. 

YUHONG IP Translation always deems translation quality as essential for our survival and development. Each and every case entrusted to YUHONG IP Translation undergoes strict procedures, i.e., translation, proofreading (by experts in respective fields), and correction before being finalized so that our translation can be faithful and expressive, and in the meanwhile, satisfies requirements for legal documents. 

Aiming to be a first-rate IP and in general legal translation company in China, YUHONG IP Translation is constantly enhancing our translators’ capabilities so as to provide our clients with more accurate, professional, quality, and efficient translation services in wider fields.