Quick-response Capability
YUHONG attaches great importance to quick response. It is required that all inquiries and emails fromclients and all communications from patent and trademark offices be processed or transferred immediately. To achieve this, YUHONG gives training courses regularly to our staff to strengthen their awareness in this respect and improve their professional ability in dealing with different situations, and meanwhile constantly advances the performance of our case management system and enhances the collaboration among colleagues.
Reasonable & Competitive Charges
While guaranteeing the quality of our services,YUHONG always offers reasonable and competitive charges. Mr. Dajian WU, who was once the President of CPA and has managed its patent and trademark business for ten years, knows very well how to reduce the cost while improving the quality of services. On the premise of keeping a much higher level of overall service quality, our charges can still be much more competitive than those of other major firms in China. Our charges are quite flexible and negotiable depending on situations of individual cases and specific requirements of clients. 
Excellent Patent & Trademark Team
Most of the patent and trademark attorneys in YUHONG are senior attorneys with many years of experience in handling foreign cases including patent counseling, drafting, examination, re-examination, invalidation, and litigation, as well as trademark application, search and analysis, opposition, licensing, assignment, litigation, etc. Due to our extraordinary work, YUHONG has established long-term cooperation with well-known companies, law firms, patent attorneys, and lawyers in over a hundred countries.
Sufficient Workforce & Well-balanced Workload
YUHONG attaches great importance to the quality of our services and has never stopped recruiting excellent engineers and attorneys to expand our professional team, so that the average workload on each staff member can be controlled in a reasonable amount and that the quality of our services can be guaranteed. YUHONG always dedicates to the proposition that quality is of paramount importance.
High-quality Translation of IP Documents
YUHONG pays great attention to the quality of translation. All documents related to patent application and other IP matters are translated by our professional in-house translators. They are proficient in technical background and foreign languages as well as patent translation techniques, and are highly aware of the meaning of patent protection, the structure and features of IP related texts in particular patent documents, the gist and techniques of the patent examination process, and the history and current situation of patent systems. Their translations of patent documents are therefore more up to the standard of a legal text.
Outstanding Patent Drafting Skills
Due to improper drafting, either an insufficient disclosure or a bad definition of claim scope, numerous good inventions have been made open to the public without being protected as patents. To guarantee the quality of patent drafting, our patent attorneys will not start drafting or rewording the priority document(s) until they have analyzed and thoroughly understood the technical solutions involved. When drafting, they always endeavor to have solutions disclosed within a most reasonable scope. When it comes to a foreign application or PCT application, they also take specific patent regulations into account. 
Well-established Procedural Management System
YUHONG has set up sophisticated patent and trademark procedural management systems based upon the senior partner’s 37-year experience in handling numerous of foreign cases and managing the No.1 patent and trademark law firm in the Greater China region, i.e., China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. These procedural working systems such as the information collection & input system, double checking system, due date monitoring & reminding system as well as the procedural and technical/legal quality control steps, have been proven to be very efficient and reliable.
Remarkable Capability to Handle Legal Disputes
Attorneys in YUHONG are highly experienced in dealing with patent infringement warning, patent invalidation analysis, petition and trial, administrative enforcement, administrative litigation, infringement action, as well as trademark opposition and infringement litigation. Over the past years, YUHONG professional team, under the guidance of Mr. Dajian WU and Mr. Wei CHEN, has dealt with plenty of such cases on behalf of our clients (among them are Global 500 companies), and has won most of these cases.