YUHONG IP Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as “YUHONG”) provides overall IP services in patents, trademarks, copyright, and other related areas for all clients around the world. Our extraordinary work in managing IP matters has made YUHONG a leading IP law firm in China and has brought us a rising reputation worldwide. With rapid development of our business, YUHONG has established four branches respectively in Changsha, Hunan province, Chengdu, Sichuan province, Shenzhen, Guangdong province, and in JinZhou, Liaoning province. 
YUHONG was founded in 2010 by Mr. Dajian WU and a group of experienced Chinese IP attorneys and lawyers. Mr. WU, the only person who has been entitled China National Outstanding Patent Attorney by the Central Government, i.e., the State Council of China, used to be the President of China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. which is the largest patent and trademark law firm in China. 

YUHONG’s practices involve all aspects of intellectual property including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and IP-related searches, litigation, licensing, etc. As a leading IP law firm in China, YUHONG aims at furnishing our clients at home and abroad with comprehensive, high-quality and cost-efficient IP services. To ensure accurate and prompt services, YUHONG has formulated effective management systems. 

YUHONG has built up a professional team of not only profound expertise and foreign language ability but also great commitment to work. Having worked devotedly in well-known IP law firms in Greater China Region for many years (some even more than 37 years), partners of YUHONG have gained rich experience in dealing with all sorts of IP cases (especially foreign patent cases) and in managing an IP law firm. Our partners are constantly absorbing advanced management ideas of other IP law firms at home and abroad and together with all staff members will always be dedicated to providing our client with prompt, accurate, high-quality, and efficient IP services.